Jae-mo Koo is a professor and the Dean of the Department of Cinematography in Korea University of Media Arts(KUMA; www.pro.ac.kr) in South Korea since 2004.  Also, he is an accomplished cinematographer in 35mm Film and Digital cinematography.  Since attending one of the first Santa Fe Workshops over 20 years ago, he has trained thousands of DP's, Camera Operators, ACs and university students in many Asian countries.  Now he is a Senior Coordinator Asia & Senior Instructor in Santa Fe International Workshops.
Prof. Koo's international filmography(35mm&Digital) includes feature films, music videos, commercials and documentaries.  In addition, he has authored numerous articles and authoritative books on cinematography and digital production, including ‘Digital High Definition Filmmaking‘ and ‘HDTV Production; Understanding and Practice’.  Recently, he translated a book, 'Cinematography; Theory and Practice', authored by Blain Brown, into Korean and published.
Prof. Koo is an expert underwater cinematographer and authorized scuba diving instructor trainer.  He has been operating underwater cinematography workshops and has turned out more 400 underwater camera crews for last over fifteen years.


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